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Drone mid slots, the wormhole you were looking for has collapsed. scanning for a new one may take some time.

Scan Rangefinding Array Passive module which increases scan strength of scan probes.

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Comes in 5 varieties, one for each sensor type and one multispectrum module. Heavy Warp Disruptor Active module which prevents an enemy ship from warping. Ancillary Shield Boosters Active module that can be loaded with Cap Boosters to very odds 6 deck blackjack repair shields, but with a long reload time.

Warp Scrambler Active module which prevents an enemy ship from warping.

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Compare to low slot drone modules. See Target Spectrum Breaker.

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Remote Sensor Dampeners Active module which decreases the targeting range and scan resolution of an enemy ship. Sensor Boosters Active module which increases targeting range, scan resolution, and sensor strength. Afterburners Active module which increases velocity. Has a base range of 22km and a jamming strength of three.

Also improves range, explosion radius and explosion velocity for carrier fighters. Parrot Bebop 2 hands-on review With a few additions over the first gen.

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Scanning Upgrades These modules improve the ability to use scanning probes. It packs both normal and night vision cameras, a sturdy build, simple customizations and a lot of thoughtful longevity features. This is the speed when they are flying larger distances, not when they are orbiting and attacking a target. Stasis Grapplers Active module which greatly decreases an enemy ship's velocity at longer ranges than a webifier, but is less effective as ranges increase.

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Integrated Analyzers Active module which allows you to hack both data and relic containers, but has less coherence than the dedicated analyzers. Shield Rechargers Passive module which increase shield regeneration.

Hull Repair Systems Active module which will repair structure. Compare to shield rigs. The jam strength of this module is increased by the number of ships targeting the activating ship. Comes in 5 variations, one for each damage type, and a universal one. Warp Disruptor Active module which prevents an enemy ship from warping.

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Relic Analyzers Active module which allows you to hack containers in planet 7 casino free chips sites. Ship Scanners Active module which gives you information about the fitting of the targeted ship.

EWAR These modules can mess with enemy ships ability to damage you, or increase the ability of your own ships to damage them.

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Scan Acquisition Array Passive module which decreases scan time of scan probes. Can only be fitted to battleships. Requires much more powergrid and capacitor than the default warp scrambler.

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