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If you're native Indian and live on a reservation and play online there's a bit of a grey area in regards to the law, so proceed with caution if this is you. From time to time you'll also come across a lot of Canadians who will be decent players, mostly because they can still play online up north.

But as we all know, there's nothing quite like Las Vegas so you may still feel the need to travel there from time to time. This way you'll get a lot more value once you ride out the one or two unfathomable calls and subsequent bad beats that come your way. So if gaming is your thing you need never leave the state to get your fill.

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The state boasts over poker tables with a good mix of cash and tournament play available. Although the variance is a lot higher in tournament play you'll find quite soft skills and the fields will be a lot easier to navigate in comparison to the regular heavy cash games.

The state is falling a bit behind and seems to contradict itself a little bit in respect to its laws of online gaming, however, this is quite normal due to the fact that minors can get access to online gaming a lot easier than they ever could in a live environment.

We may see this improve over the next few years though as other states adopt a softer stance in relation to online gaming and poker. The state does penalise those who play online and gambling online in any form such as online casinos, with a misdemeanour charge and a fine being the norm. If you want softer games visit over the weekends when more amateur players come out to the felt.

Ambience This no smoking poker room is clean and well maintained with TVs that can be viewed from most seats at the table to keep you entertained between hands. Players The overall vibe in this room is relaxed and fun with dealers going out of their way to make you feel comfortable and welcome.

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Most other forms of gambling are permitted in Indiana including pari-mutuel betting on horse and greyhound racing, casino table games, lotteries, and raffles. No casinos exist on native Indian reservations though, which is slightly different to a lot of other states in the US. The lighting is decent enough for longer sessions as well. Overall it's a great poker room and an excellent option for those who reside in the immediate area.

If you're hell bent on playing cash games, then wait until weekend evenings and play once the amateurs take the tables with beer in hand. Cash players are able to find some other options though including Omaha and limit holdem. With eight poker rooms all spread nicely out across the state you'll never have to travel far to get your poker fill.

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The regulars are decent players which can make the games a bit harder to beat. This means you'll get lots of action most of the time, but the tables will be harder to crush.

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Poker is in a healthy state in Indiana and is far more accepted and appreciated than in many other US states. Of course no limit Texas holdem is the most popular game and you'll struggle to find any tournaments that aren't in this format.

The overall standard of play in Indiana is quite good; this is a result of the larger population and the proximity the state has to other large cities. On top of this you'll receive cocktail and food service at the table so you need never miss any action. This room still stay open longer if games are still running.

Speaking of online poker, there's no regulation in Indiana and it's unlikely they'll introduce this soon to allow for online poker rooms to open. The room is well designed with a modern decor featuring brown and beige earthy tones.

If you're on the hunt for value in this state you should probably stick to the tournaments. As you'll see below the rooms in the state go out of their way to make you feel welcome and provide several great services so that you are looked after when you play.

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