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From the design of the fields, to the equipment, our aim is to stand out as the best in South Africa. Some players on the beaches of Anzio. From that spot I emptied five pods and took a dozen.

I straight up had the very best time at this event, shooting four cases of paint in the process. The flank broke under the weight of that push.

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The food was delightful with a very nice selection. Otherwise the crossfire in the center is not survivable, as the scenario played out in morning action.

And whether you are young or old or male or female, it is suitable. From this point forward there was a nice steady and consistent Allied push and third objective flag station was taken.

I love the way that the game flows across the varied terrain. It was so much fun to play from one end to the other, from the landing boats to the Abbey, and from the pirate ship to the rocket base.

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And off I went. I love the way PaintballToGo does these little things to engage the players leading up to the event. It is safer than golf and way more fun. On Saturday, from the food shack, I had the pulled pork, like three of them. A later addition to our activities, but the response has been overwhelming.

It was a very tough battle in the afternoon with some really fun moments, but the Allies only secured one of the three flags in the afternoon. I sprinted to point and another yards beyond, turned right and took three before getting eliminated myself.

If paintball is a bit too extreme, consider laser tag.

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I was hungry, it was good and I really enjoyed it. And I eyed a number of those boats with the cute little pirate flags that so many folks were loving. The invasion began with at least four or five massive Allied pushes into the center, only to be ground away to the last man in short order. He was like terrorizing the entire enemy front.

Variety and quality of food was nicely done and top shelf. After lunch, I had an amazing time playing along the ridge and in the tall grass near the Abbey. On the field, Monte is an amazing game with the way that the air stations, insertion cones and safety zones are setup and controlled.

The AXIS held two. The goodness began during the week leading up to Monte with the nightly drawings for goodies. The Grim Reapers, among others, surged forward on the left.

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As we transitioned into attacking the second objective, I tried to keep close to Paco, but he kept running back and forth, forth and back, and I gave up pretty quick. The AXIS held both the left and the right flanks very securely with the two heavy weapons positioned nicely in support.

I had four of the Sabrett hot dogs and three of the burgers. Monte knocked it out of the park on all of the big three for me! And while the cold did put a damper on things, the Karaoke was a great addition to the event in the entertainment department.

It really is a game for everyone:

And a few daring individuals and small groups also darting in, trying to find cover, in that center. This is laser tag in the outdoors with state-of-the-art equipment. At least players made the push on the left which broke that flank.

I crawled here and there in the grass and was effective, taking numerous players from nearby bunkers or trying to cross the open ground to my left toward the tree line.

The free player cookout on Friday during registration was well attended. About Us CryWolf has created the most unique and exhilarating activity eXperience in South Africa by promising and delivering quality, enjoyment, safety and value.

Time was running low. Saturday morning, there we were. Events Our biggest focus is offering a world-class paintball experience to young and old.