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Many factors contribute to making this under-appreciated film a jewel. This film is amazing. However, great directing and performances from everyone involved, along with Phil Meheux's excellent cinematography, Peter Lamont's as ever superb production design and all the other top-notch craft and technical departments make 'Casino Royale' a classy and very enjoyable night out at the movies.

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From the black and white pre-titles, to arguably the best titles sequence ever. In this context, Daniel Craig gives an excellent performance as Bond. What gives this the lead over recent Bonds is the more realistic feel: I also appreciated the surprise at the end of the film, which is so cleverly done that it may leave many of the viewers scratching their heads. For a while it seemed that he might not be able to well exist outside the confines of the cold war, but here we are given an entirely modern Bond with enough nods to the original that we can't be too upset.

Some might say a purist.

Casino Royale (2006)

Please go and watch this because you will regret if you don't, forget the past this is the New Bond. Connery and Brosnan felt right for the style of Bond movies they were in. Orr must go down in the history books as one of the best if not the best villain roles in recent times.

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From the African free-running chase to the beautiful interiors of London. Katherine Isabelle puts in a good performance as Elyse, as does Kris Lemche and Albert Chung as her companions so that, by the end, we as an audience are able to sympathize with all of them. The only minor gripes that I have are a slightly too long running time: He's charming and funny when required and totally convincing in the action sequences.

He's here to stay. But the one person who almost steals the show in this movie is Julian Richings whose performance as Mr.

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A masterpiece of popular film-making and the movie we have been waiting for all year. The other factor that makes this film great are the performances.

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And I love it. The acting is awesome Eva Green actually does a great job and has really improved her acting from the last time i saw her in kingdom of heavenbut then this is a totally different movie.

Daniel Craig you are here to stay!