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It came out in the U.

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Yassen convinces them to rob a flat owned by Vladimir Sharkovskya wealthy businessman with whom he earlier overheard Dementyev converse with on the phone. Never Say Die[ edit ] Main article: He leaves Damian Cray's mansion but not before stealing a vital piece of equipment that Damian needs to make his plan work.

It will likely follow Alex in a battle against a new criminal organisation Nightshade after the death of Scorpia which Mrs Jones had said at the end of Never Say Die. It had been a pretty useless precaution for the bacterium had already been released into the atmosphere.

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He learns that Ash was actually working with Scorpia and was the main antagonist of the novel and then escapes alex rider roulette the trap. They also openly confess that they had been ashamed of being involved in the whole affair. Alex is captured by Scorpia and manages alex rider roulette help his long time friend and carer Jack escape.

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Rather than render assistance, Dementyev calls the police, aware that Yassen is a loose end regarding the chemical weapons development. When they spend the night Leo dies of the disease and Yassen continues on alone to the nearest city.

He is sent to complete his uncle's latest mission: Anthony Horowitz says on his blog " Yassen, however, was made aware of the situation by his parents, who had immediately broken out of the facility once the accident took place, with the intention of saving Yassen, defying direct orders and protocol in the process. After making two unsuccessful attempts to escape, Yassen spends the next four years at Sharkovsky's estate, serving as his food taster as well as a general labourer.

Scorpia novel Scorpia was published in Alex later discovers that the Stormbreakers contain a deadly virus and that Sayle is planning to kill British schoolchildren. He is then forced to give it up because Damian had kidnapped Sabina who is his love interest.

When he arrives there he tries to sneak on a train but is caught by the police.

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The two had a great bond of friendship between them and they had smoked cigarettes together, despite being 14 at the time. Russian Roulette novel Russian Roulette was published in He tricks them into thinking he died of anthrax and escapes onto a train for Moscow. While the entire village is contaminated, Yassen alone survives, having been given the only sample of antidote which had been devised by Yassen's father, who had been one of the scientists who were responsible for the anthrax in the first place.

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Yassen once again survives, and kills Sharkovsky as well as his son. John and Yassen work on two contracts together. Scorpia anticipated this and laid a trap for Jack.

However, Yassen had a far-reaching bond with his place of birth, which is revealed in the story. He investigates Nikolei Drevin who builds a hotel in outer space called "Ark Angel".