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I chart all numbers thrown.

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Of course if one of your hits is a 2 or 12 you will win double or triple. This means that you will effectively be betting with the Pass Line bettors because they are trying to avoid a 7 as well.

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The Iron Cross strikes again! You will lose a Field Bet if you roll any other number with your dice. Place Bets A Place Bet can be made on any roll of the dice as well. Hey Buddy, I put the answer in my original post Since your real wins come with field numbers, you can look for that nice streak of three consecutive field rolls and then stop betting the field.

What is the Iron Cross System?

Obviously there is no more chance if this happening that before, which is ultimately why the system is flawed. If at any time I lose to a Point 7, then I re-qualify a 5 count then start same process.

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It can be pretty enjoyable to have so many bets going on at the same time. Be careful though, because when that 7 does come you will lose all of the bets at once.

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I Played last night at the Rio in Las Vegas and here were the throws per shooter Also, you have to remember that even though the house has an edge, you can still win. In actual fact though, this system is no better than the original version. On next shooter I now start the following Variation to Iron Cross below.

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Seems like that should be an easy winner, right? So my point is this VDC Click to expand This keeps you from giving back a lot of units and protects against a bunch of short rolls.

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This covers every combination on the dice except 7, since the field wins on 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, The other Place bets will remain unchanged. Press Till Done The second variation is to start pressing your place bets as they roll.

How to Play the Iron Cross Craps System

Players using the Unbeatable Iron Cross will now stop reloading their bets. If a 5 is rolled the payout is 5: Then keep playing until the shooter sevens-out or quit right then and there with a nice win.

Well this is up to a matter of personal preference. The Iron Cross goes a step further, though. If your point is 5,6,8 you do everything the same So while you are winning with place bets on 5, 6, and 8, you are also losing your field wager.

That means that we only need to make the Field Bet on the 5, 6 and 8.

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The Place Bet on the 5 has a house edge of 4. Always take the payoff from any three-unit place bet. If the number hits you take less a loss on the Dont Pass.

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What I mean by that is that the Field Bet has a house edge of 5. If you avoid that dreaded 7 the majority of the time you can still come out ahead. By combining these bets together the house still has an edge of 3.

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