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Ncl getaway slot tournament. Norwegian Cruise Lines - Getaway

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Benefits accrue as soon as the second cruise, including a Latitudes Rewards free cocktail hour and giveaways. Customs upon boarding wahrscheinlichkeit texas holdem ship in the United States or upon returning to the States.

Your stateroom key doubles as your on-ship card to charge merchandise, beverages and other add-ons to your stateroom account. As a Seven Stars cardholder, you can park your car in the garage for free and walk over from the garage or hotel to the port.

Points accrual for table games is based on play. When you enter your stateroom for the first time, you may find a note from the casino host along with chocolates, your players club loyalty carda free drink card, and an invitation to an exclusive party or reception either that ncl getaway slot tournament or the next day. Insider Tip If, like I do, you enjoy an alcoholic beverage with your breakfast, e.

Also, bring along a couple small magnets. This is a great deal if you plan to go on another cruise. The minimum age to gamble at the casino is only 18, regardless of from where the ship embarks.

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You'll read and hear frequently that you should reserve show and seating times in the restaurants well in advance. The size of the casino varies by ship, with the newest ships like the Epic and Breakaway having larger casinos. Insider Tip If you care for an alcoholic beverage with your meal, it's probably a good idea to stop by one of the many bars and bring it into the restaurant.

Same with restaurant reservations.

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Insider Tip Bring a highlighter along on your next cruise. That deposit is good for four years on any NCL cruise of more than four days, including a future Seven Stars Voyage or one where you use a cruise certificate provided by your casino.

Generally, you can just show up and snag a reservation even if signage shows it's fully booked. Beyond that, points accrue much the same way they do at Caesars casinos: This is an international trip. For some ships such as the Star or Jade, the casino is tucked away so this is not a big deal. Free drinks include draft and bottled beer, well drinks, and basic fruity drinks such as pina coladas.

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Check the Casinos At Sea page for details of the amenities you receive at various levels. The best room available to you is not always the most expensive category. Not sure which direction you're headed — front fore or rear aft of the ship? While that may be fine for gamblers, it is not for people passing by or those who are attired for a dress-up meal and want to be able to wear their clothes again during the cruise.

The less popular table games may be open only during peak times or upon customer request. Insider Tip Even if you're on the Ultimate Beverage Plan, you cannot get complimentary bottled water or energy drinks. Most cabins don't have clocks, so, if knowing the time is important to you, bring along a small travel clock.

On sea days, there will be a few casino promotions.

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However, people frequently reserve and don't show up for performances, or cancel dining reservations just in time to avoid a fee. On the ship On the ship, you do not get any special Seven Stars privileges.

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Other things to know: As an alternative, on the full last day of the cruise, order a drink or twotoss the ice and any garnishes, and pour the remaining liquid into an empty water bottle or glass to take to breakfast your last morning onboard. Chill it in your ice bucket, or don't even bother; it won't spoil.

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In addition, many ships now have ATMs. Although not documented, many players have reported receiving comps beyond the points: NCL does not match status with any land-based casinos. At the reception, there are often complimentary hors d'oeuvre and free drinks available at the bar while you listen to the casino host talk about the casino and its loyalty program.

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Regent Seven Seas and Oceania Cruises now share the same program. If you have more than 10, points for the trip, this is worth your time. Not a pretty sight! Normally, a player has to accrue 1, points to get free drinks while playing in the casino see Players Club below.

New York When you board, you may need to wait a couple hours for your stateroom to be ready. Just follow the fish on the carpeting.

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Hang your Freestyle Daily, invitations, free art, etc. The couple — wearing swimsuits and flip flops — constantly dangled the footwear on their toes or doffed them totally as they sat on their legs with their bare feet extending into the aisle between our tables.

Be sure to ask before you buy in.