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Mulligan attacked Sammartino before the bell. Mulligan then wrestled in Florida.

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He was very devoted to spending the time he had remaining to spreading the word of God. The tag team was a tribute to the original Blackjacks Windham's father, Mulligan, and Bradshaw's uncle, Lanza. Mulligan also returned to Florida in to fight against the Funk brother, teaming with Kevin Sullivan.

Sammartino quickly recovered, slammed Mulligan twice and pinned him in 64 seconds.

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In JulyWindham was named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by WWE after they received a letter from him indicating that he intended to sue them for concussion-based injuries sustained during his tenure with them. Windham had notable feuds with Kevin Sullivan and his army.

The culprit was actually captured by Gorilla Monsoonwho threw him at the ringside police — who promptly let him go because they thought "it was part of the show". The Midnight Express were never able to beat Windham and Garvin for the titles. He successfully defended the title against Anderson at Slamboree Professional wrestling career[ edit ] Early years — [ edit ] Windham was trained by his father Blackjack Mulligan and popular world champion Harley Race.

At Halloween Havoc Chamber of HorrorsAnderson and Zbyszko slammed a car door on Windham's hand, breaking it, and putting him out of action for a while including that night's Chamber of Horrors match, where he was replaced by El Gigante.

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Four Horsemen professional wrestling In earlyWindham reunited with Luger and together they formed a tag team called "The Twin Towers". Return of the Rising Sunwhich Windham won.

On October 26,it was reported that he was hospitalized for either a very serious stroke or a massive heart attack and was in an ICU unit. These included matches going to 60 minute time limit draws and even some extending beyond an hour of action. Ronnie Garvin instead teamed up with his kayfabe brother Jimmy Garvin Ronnie was Jimmy's legit stepfather.

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He was a fan favorite for most of the early and middle periods of his career, having great success in singles and tag action. Mulligan worked as a match booker and promoter all around the South, eventually co-owning the Amarillo, Texas-based Western States Sports promotion with Dick Murdoch after purchasing it from Dory and Terry Funk.

Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling and semi—retirement —present [ edit ] ByWindham began competing on the American independent scene in the Florida-based Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling, where he won their Heavyweight Championship and held it for the better part of a year.

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At the time, Ole Anderson was only semi-active and permanently became their manager once Windham joined. For a short time, he renewed his feud with Rhodes known by that time as Goldust.

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Billed as being 6' 9" and over pounds, Windham was a rawboned cowboy in the vein of Bobby Duncum or Stan Hansen. Vicious appeared to pin Sting and win the championship, but it was actually Windham who was dressed like Sting. That also led to Ricky Steamboat stepping in as the mystery partner for Rhodes at the Clash of the Champions that November. Early stills of the two actually identify him as Big Bob Windham.

He died on April 7, His push was interrupted when he was slashed in the thigh by a fan at the Boston Garden and required hundreds of stitches to close the wound. With his brother-in-law Mike RotundaWindham formed a tag team in Barry was then loosely associated with Bischoff's nWo Hollywood for a while before forming a tag team with Curt Hennig. After that angle ended, Mulligan wrestled for the WWF as himself, until he finally left in This, and Windham's dogged determination to win the belt after years as a perennial upper-mid carder got Windham over in terms of popularity with the fans again despite still not winning the world championship.

Mulligan donned black trunks, black hat, a black fingerless glove, and used the iron claw submission hold. Dillon in San Angelo, Texas when he was 19 years old. Flair defeated Windham with a controversial pinfall after a little over 25 minutes of action. The team had opportunities for the World Tag Titles but no success. Windham served a tour of duty in the United States Marine Corps.

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Rather than have Windham partner up with someone in the tournament, he was booked to face Ric Flair for the NWA World Championship in what would be another classic match between the two. Mulligan went on to great success in the Northeast and was an early challenger to newly crowned champion Pedro Morales. It's rumored that Flair was going to drop the title to Windham at a TV taping in Columbus, Georgia, but was fired before it could happen.

He went undefeated for four months and was to have been on Randy Savage 's Survivor Series team, but was replaced by free casino gambling online Earthquake as Windham left the company in October due to his family's involvement in a counterfeiting scandal.

Personal life[ edit ] Windham has a son named Callan and a daughter named Abigail with his ex-wife, Kebra.