Schwalbe black jack 20 review Schwalbe Black Jack All Terrain Rigid MTB Tyre

Schwalbe black jack 20 review. Schwalbe bicycle tires and tubes

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For tubeless trials, the tires were fitted to Stan? On the rare occasions when the tire did start to slip, the tire never moved sideways.

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Some riders may like this feel while others may prefer more edge bite. I really appreciated the stability the Wicked Will tires offered as they minimized unwanted side to side movement and kept my steering on track.

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Rolling resistance and grip was consistent; when the bike was slanted away from you, riding terrain fell away from underneath your tires, making off-camber rock slabs feel much more secure. The soft rubber compound was easy to grab in our hands, which makes pushing that last few inches of bead over the rim a heck of a lot easier.

Knobs are spaced across the tire so that there are no gaps or channels like many other tires we tested.

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When other squared, blocky tires are rocked back and forth with hard out-of-the-saddle pedaling, a dragging feeling can be quite evident. Under braking the tires held up well and did not lock up unexpectedly. Pedal Traction The grip of the Trail Star version on this tire is immense.

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The additional security by going tubeless accentuated the high-speed handling of the Black Jacks by being able to run relatively a low pressure of just 40 psi, whereas other standard tube-equipped competitors were safely in the psi range to avoid pinch flats?

These heavy weight tires grams each!


The expected lack of rolling resistance is appreciable, although not fantastic. We've been smearing these knobs into Sierra Granite for months and the tread is still holding up nicely.

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From the cockpit of the bike looking down at the tire, you'll notice the profile of the tire appears a bit more rounded or hemispheric that some other tires. The side knobs are not particularly big, but they are angled according to the rotational direction for optimal performance as the front or back tires. Where some other rubber compounds had us ping-ponging through rock gardens, the Hans Dampf gripped it and ripped it.

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The rest of the time, the softer Trail Star rubber compound, round profile, and soft cornering knobs felt right at home on granite rock slabs and highly technical terrain. The WTB Vigilante was the only other tire that really resembled the front tire cornering characteristics of this tire but we would really call it drifty.

The Snakeskin casing did it's job of shrugging off some big hits, although it didn't feel quite as firm as of the other offerings on the Maxxis Minion DHF or Specialized Butcher Grid.

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Upon closer inspection of the tires post-race, it was found that between the two tires, at least three center-knobs had their leading edge the? What is more, each individual knob is bulky, with no secondary step-up knobs, nor ramped in any way. Higher pressures resulted in tires skidding off angled roots or spinning on larger, damp logs.

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When mud turned to hardpack however, these tires had few equals. On pavement you can feel the soft, pencil eraser feeling of this tire. It boasts a full house of tried-and-true features derived from contemporary trends in tire design that make it a standout long-distance mountain bike thread.

Initial opinion tends towards dismissing these extreme condition tires as having extremely high on-road rolling resistance, but that is not the case. Mud proved to be the bugbear of the Black Jacks.

Our Verdict

It comes up short of a royal flush though, due to minor quality control issues that affect the ease of inflation. Tweet This review is for those who spend all their time pointing their bikes down hill; for those who live for the double diamond; and for anyone who is confident at the sight of mega gnarly rock strewn terrain.

They are supremely quiet, particularly when the air pressure is ramped up past 45 psi. On the upside, the Black Jacks were beautiful mud-shedders, and dropped off the gunk with alacrity on fast sections and downhills.

Braking was safe and effective, and climbing was a joy, particularly when smoother fine-grained sections presented themselves.