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Paint on this cherry ride is perfectly matched to nails. Brown, Curly, Medium Eyes: Got to way deepen metallic glow.

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I thought I'd talk about the brush design because it is slightly unusual. The pigmentation of all three shades is quite rich and the formulation self-levels so that's always nice. Dead sure the diamond topcoat would be like adding clear coat to car.

I had a tiny bit of issue with bubbling since it's hard to apply thin coats with the formulation being so thick, but I guess this can be avoided if I wait longer between each coat. I was afraid I'd have ta drag out media blaster and some wicked industrial solvents but no.

I didn't have a chance to test out the longevity of these but the finish is very shiny and once it's completely dried it will protect the base color from dents and smudging. Looks so fine with silver bracelets and turquoise rings. The consistency of all three shades I swatched is thicker than the your average polish, it almost has a bit of that gel polish feel but it won't require a lamp to dry.

The special revlon gel envy holdem swatch brush design works quite well with stamping and water decals as it doesn't cause any smudging.

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The pigmentation is great for this one, I used two coats. Never had a nail formulation dry that quick and hard.

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Nails shine bright like jewels when wrapped around my man's Chevelle SS steering wheel. To see swatches and my reviews of a few shades and the top coat, click The brush itself is made of two individual bunches of bristles, as you can see from the picture. Especially on Chevy muscle.

With topcoat I suspect you go weeks 'til nail growth exposes naked nail near cuticle. The ends of the brush is very jagged and though not as wide as say the OPI wide-brush design, it still made it more challenging to get clean lines around the cuticle, especially if you have a more curved cuticle line. But with that said, I am not fond of this brush design. Done in about a breath over 30 min.

Two coats with no top coat. The brush of the Diamond Top Coat is the same but with the top coat, the thicker, clumsy design doesn't cause as much trouble since topcoat application doesn't need to be extremely precise. This particular color was all over the 's.

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It's a fly blue green metallic with mysterious mother of pearl sheen. I get that it's meant for a easy two-stroke application but it ends up being harder to maneuver, especially for beginners. From the bottle you can see subtle gold micro-shimmers but once applied to the nails the shimmer is hardly noticeable.

Many of the thumbs up came from dudes in BF's car club. The pigmentation is decent, two to three coats for opacity, depending on how thick each coat is. So wakey wakey sisters God is smiling cuz he want all you babes to rise and just kill it out ther in tha Real World.!

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Color is "Sky's the limit". Hey Gurlfriends, here I be day seven just crackin'. I am very big on getting clean lines around the cuticle so I really need polishes with a good brush that's easy to work with.

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Frankly I got attention span of gnat and I would of already switched out color just to spice up my bum life. Products featured were provided for review. This one is a beautiful, rich burnt orange, perfect for fall and winter.

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Now almost sunrise day 7 and I pleased to report that this paint is not much harder to get off that any other polish. Cruised the strip for hours just lovin' on my nails, lovin' on my niece and lovin' on BF's street burner. Took 10x jeweler's loupe to and can see only some tiny scratches.