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If you paste this text or string elsewhere, someone else can import your team by copy and pasting it into the Import Teams dialog. Pets now show the their predicted Level 25 stats in the pet card. You can combine these to find double counters: Scrags combines a stun with Takedown.

You can add notes to a team from its right-click menu. To mark a slot for leveling pets, right-click one of the three loaded slots and choose "Put Leveling Pet Here". Chinese zhTW thanks to gaspy10 from curse.

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You can also right-click a pet in the team list and choose "Put Leveling Pet Here" to convert a slot in an already-saved team into a leveing pet. You can share with yourself too! Now you know at a glance if your pet is tanky, speedy, or powerful.

Paste this text in an email to yourself or in a text file someplace to keep a backup of your teams. Brittle Webbing means that each hit damages Grubbles too.

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No pet battle slot wow sanctuary system. However a pets breed is determined accurately, even without the available breed information. If you choose to continue using PBT alongside Rematch many do! Offload parts some users may never use to a load-on-demand module.

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Other Addons A major goal with Rematch is to make it behave well regardless of what other battle pet addons you're using. If you open the TypeBar there are three tabs: Pets To help make these teams, Rematch has expanded filter options, a TypeBar opened by clicking the century casino edmonton hiring next to the search box for easily finding counters, and enhanced search ability.

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Gold text indicates strong confidence Pet names are colored by their rarity. Abilities "Call Lightning" will list all pets that have this ability. I can occasionally pull off a 2-pet carry with the Zeppelin, too.

Allow multiple targets to be stored in a team. If you don't regularly backup your SavedVariables and want an easy way to backup your teams, right-click a team tab and Export Tab.

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If you right-click a team that contains a leveling pet, you can click "Set Preferences" to choose various health and level ranges to refine which pet the queue will pick when a team loads.