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To disengage the lock again, insert the key and give it a push.

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The slide does not have to be there. Also, the fender on the front is not the original. Partial power -throttle cable is pulled part way.

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It can be extended by a plug-in cable. To engage the lock, you push the lock bar into the spokes. Any S-type slide can be drilled and machined to be made for an A83 or H12 carb.

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This strip can be easily clicked on the dress and chain guards. The slide limits the amount of air.

Key features of the Batavus Quip include:

Published by Bike Europe on 25 Feb last update: The jet can be cleaned out easy, on the roadside. This bike may end up just being a curiosity hanging off the garage ceiling.

This is because not all ten tabs are sharing the load evenly. Not the most stable of systems and gadget casino need to reef on it pretty tight to keep it from slipping.

As you tighten the clamp, the upper part of the U just pushes into the seatpost and wedges it there.

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The dark areas never touch anything. The rear rack is integrated, but has come loose in this example.

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This bike is unique in that it uses for the slot batavus part square tubing. The main frame is actually folded heavy sheet metal that is welded along the bottom of the tubing seam. Parts for sale have a price. There is a key which is bent at a 90 degree angle to the lock bar. Ik ben er slot batavus 71 en ben in gans mijn leven nog nooit zo slecht behandeld geweest.

This bike was bought for her son who was casino near madras oregon lighting engineer for a local indie-rock band Fleet Foxes and this bike helped save him legwork while setting up shows. It is not essential, but very beneficial. The jet is a 4mm thread, not 3.

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The leaf spring goes on any one of the ten tabs of the friction plate, under the basket. The pair of large holes is for the cable. The Batavus was a product of Holland.

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On the other side of the bike on the fork is a plate that had a bolt on pop-bottle generator that powered the lights, front and rear.