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The Navy News of 4 April provides the following snippet: It was generally agreed that it was a fantastic experience, and one they wouldn't forget. Navy personnel on Christmas leave from their ships, from all around Australia, heeded the call and left their homes and families to return to their ships.

In Hobart, the ship's Australian Rules team took on a team from Hutchins, one of the city's leading public schools. Plan Mk 2 was implemented. Although remote from Australia, Melbourne Cup fever spread to the task group on the first Tuesday of Novemberwith the ships' amplifiers tuned to Radio Australia. Stalwart at sea in the Eastern Australia Exercise Area.

Stalwart leaving Sydney Harbour, February A call for medical assistance from the submarine saw Stalwart's Wessex transfer the patient to the ship's sickbay before the aircraft departed for Nowra. While clearing work continued throughout, its intensity eased as Stalwart, with its unique facilities and the concentrated expertise of the ship's company were increasingly called on to contribute towards skilled tasks.

Members of Stalwart's ship's company might recall the package deal that Ansett Airlines put together for wives of members of the ship's companies in the RAN task group. For those who like statistics the exercise involved 15, servicemen, 38 ships, and nearly aircraft. Darwin's been blown to pieces Her commanding officer, Captain Stevens, decided that for K3 Stalwart should be missile-equipped; and thus the ship came to the exercise armed with her own homebuilt 'Orange Ade' missile system.

Derwent developed problems in her machinery spaces and had to return to Port Adelaide. During this busy deployment, port visits were made to Auckland and Wellington. Stalwart, together with Perth, then took passage to Hobart for a 4 day port visit.

During the deployment, a multi-ship anti-aircraft rapid open fire exercise took place, which resulted in Stalwart's gunners making the claim that they are the best close range gunnery team in the fleet. We owe the Navy the greatest debt of all. Stalwart was able to supply such essential services as fresh water, steam, electricity and telephone communication.

Many problems were experienced Stalwart's next port of call was Adelaide, where she berthed with Torrens and Stuart berthed outboard.

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Following the visit, it was reported by the ship's Navy News reporter that it took some time for the ship's company to recover from the after-effects of Tasmania, an illness characterised by the euphoria which usually follows a visit to the Apple Isle. On 17 May Stalwart took passage north; a course always popular as Sydney slipped into winter. On completion, the ship slipped and proceeded to Fremantle for a weekend visit, joining other fleet units already there.

The Naval Board recognised Navy's efforts in the following signal: Enroute Stalwart spent time in the Whitsunday Passage to allow the ship's company time to enjoy a banyan and sports ashore at picturesque Cid Harbour. The Fleet Maintenance Unit embarked in Stalwart was one of the busiest units during the Singapore visit, working on several task group ships prior to the scheduled exercises.

I am confident the ship will meet these increased commitments in the future. The occasion also coincided with the 24th birthday of the dock. Stalwart's Navy News correspondent reported that "it was the sporting event of the year, complete with cheer girls, banners, a band, full commentary and film coverage. This was followed by a visit to Hobart for the Hobart Regatta.

Following a port visit to Subic Bay, Stalwart returned to Sydney on 23 March on completion of a successful deployment. Servicing the following regions: Stalwart's Hobart visit saw more than people visit the ship on open day, whilst there were victories all-round for the ship's sportsmen in competition with local teams. The ship was prepared for this onslaught with 'Welcome Aboard' pamphlets translated into French!

In early August Stalwart undertook a 10 day Embarkex, to test Navy's ability to transport and sustain an army contingent. Her hatches and watertight doors were electro-hydraulically operated, and could be controlled from the bridge. In return, the army presented a broom - cut down the centre - with an inscription, 'to the swabbies, for a job half done.

Six commandos then split and searched the support base buildings and simultaneously placed notional time bombs in buildings and among the Blue Force missile and armament stores. Stalwart, with her unique capabilities had an important role during the exercise and some of her tasks included troop transport, cargo vessel and minelayer; whilst the ship's flight was fully involved with ferrying passengers and cargo, plus surveillance and intelligence flights.

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In addition to her own needs, Stalwart was also able to produce power for ships refitting alongside. This was followed by exercises with the Indonesian Navy, and the mandatory port visit to Singapore.

The exercise was designed to test the versatility of integrating ships of the two navies, and to demonstrate the practicability of deploying ships from Australia's east coast to the West Australian area.

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The ship remained in Sydney undertaking her unsung but vital fleet maintenance activities until early October Unfortunately for the 'Warts' team, their opponents were the better team on the day. The day finished with a beach BBQ and beer issue.