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The Jack, Queen, King and Ace are classic slot game icons, and here they look like wooden pieces of the ship itself, tied with multiple ropes. It can be placed on a single foundation, but will require a 3x3x6 enclosed structure to hide it completely. Besides, the last two of them can also introduce short combinations of just 2 icons into the equation.

Be careful to not waste gasoline by turning off the Forge after the refining is completed at You can win from 5 to credits thanks to them early in the game.

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The 2nd gasoline consumed mentioned above will be taken from the gasoline already refined so you will receive net total of gasoline. The treasure chest, anchor, compass and bomb are the final icons of the basic menu, and they can be worth up to credits. Notes[ edit edit source ] The Industrial Forge is huge.

Some Original Icons Ahead The reel symbols of The Legend of Emerald were carefully designed to fit into the game universe nicely, so you can expect some surprises even with the most classic of all symbols. The Industrial Forge will not function if it is in any way submerged in water.

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Keep an eye on the forge when refining oil because when unattended, the produced gasoline can itself be burned as fuel. The Legend of Emerald is also equipped with the usual auto spin game mode, which is ready to industrieel slot the reels on autopilot for a while, placing your chosen bet into play on its own.

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You can use the plus and minus button in the command bar under the reels to pick your next wager and determine the coin value before spinning the reels with the central button. Spartacus Gladiator of Rome First Steps on the Ship Raiding an enemy ship is no easy business, but fortunately for you playing The Legend of Emerald is much easier than that.

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A fully loaded industrial forge burning wood can hold: More money on the reels means larger potential rewards down the line, and you can even speed up the process thanks to the bet max shortcut. A single click there is enough to go all-in at once.

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We will also give some examples of cash rewards based on a one-credit wager. Cannot be placed on platform saddles. Your future rewards in The Legend of Emerald are based on the symbol combinations that you land and the size of your current wager as well.

It is possible to make the industrial forge using only Organic Polymer instead of regular Polymerbut you have to stack the ingredients very well. If you built it near a source and smelted metal it would take up weight.