Slot and substitution grammar Elsa's ESL Students

Slot and substitution grammar. TEFL Methodology: The Audio-Lingual Method

How is the culture viewed? We have to remember to do some repetitions in this game. Finally, the teacher selects two students to perform the entire dialog for the rest of the class.

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When this occurs she restates the word and works briefly with the student until his pronunciation is closer to her own. Having worked on the line in small pieces, the students are also able to take note of where each word or phrase begins and ends in the sentence. Grammar is induced from the examples given; explicit grammar rules are not provided.

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The teacher holds up one of the pictures she used earlier, the picture of a football field, and asks the class, 'Are you going to the football field? The nature of student-teacher interaction and student-student interaction: The teacher offers an example, 'I say, "She is going to the post office.

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The language teacher introduces the dialog by modeling it two times; he introduces the drills by modeling the correct answers; at other times, he corrects mispronunciation by modeling the proper sounds in the target language. Backward build-up expansion drill: Instead she simply slot and substitution grammar the pictures one at a time, and the students repeat the entire sentence, putting the name of the place in the picture in the appropriate slot in the sentence.

The teacher compteur slot racing nextto the second major phaseof the lesson.

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Language learning is a process of habit formation. After posing a few more questions which require negative answers, the teacher produces the pictures of the post officeand asks, 'Are you slot and substitution grammar to the post office?

In lessons later this week the teacher will do the following: Grammar is included from the examples given; explicit grammar rules are not provided. Some characteristics of teaching and learning process: Next the class and the teacher switch roles in order to practice a little more, the teacher saying Bill's lines and the class saying Sally's.

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When she has finished, she greets the student on the other side of her. Their students achieve this by forming new habits in the target language and overcoming the old habits of their native language.

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The difference is that the teacher gives cue phrases, one at a time, that fit into different slots in the dialog time. The students are able to keep up the pace, so the teacher moves on to the next step. She posesA question to the class, 'Are you going to the library?

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The only time she changes the rhythm is when a student seriously mispronouncesa word. This drill gives students practice with answering questions.

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Instead, after going through the drill a few times supplying oral cues, the teacher points to a boy in the class and the studentsunderstand they are to use the pronoun 'he' in the sentence. She repeats it once, then has the half of the class to her left do Bill's lines and the half of the class to her righr do Sally's.

Chain slot board accessories teacher begins the chain by greeting a particular student or asking question, then the student responds and ask the second students and the chain continues: The areas and the language skills are emphasized: The students have listened to and spoken only English for the period.

This drill is similar to single-slot substitution drill. Not everyone has a chance to say the dialog in a pair today, but perhaps they will some time this week. Speech is more basic to language than the written form. The students do some limited written work with the dialog and the sentence drills.

This substitution drill is slightly more difficult for the students since they have to change the form of the verb 'be' to 'is' or 'are,' depending on which subject pronoun the teacher gives them. The teacher writes the dialog on the blackboard toward the end of the week.

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There is student-to-student interaction in chain drills or when students take different roles in dialogs, but this interaction is teacher-directed. The teacher uses single-slot and multiple-slot substitution drills.

The major purpose of this drill is to give the students practice in finding and filling the slots of a sentence.