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Developer: Tora Productions Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love. Click on dev's link for more info. The long awaited sequel to Getting to Know Christine. You play as Adrian, living with your beautiful girlfriend Christine.

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Adrian must make the choice to stay with your sexually charged girlfriend Christine, or find love elsewhere. It is easier to reach us in Discord than from comment section. Laura's is more about mutual respect than one of them being dominant.

Incidentally, this whole plot was a result of people who reacted negatively to how Christine treated you in the first game. If you said to yourself, "I'd have dumped her immediately after that shower stunt," there's a path in this game for you. If, on the other hand, you were thinking, "I'd do anything to be with someone like Christine," there's a path for you as well. Thank you very much for this game! The graphics and animations are outstanding and the story as always very xxxgays. Laura and you should have all 7 achievements unlocked big ass latex doing that.

Don't forget to peek at Helens Boobs when she talks to you in the morning that's one Achievement.

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At the Club when Sandy stands with the pool stick don't forget to peek at her Boobs that's how you gonna get Achievement Peeking. I got all the achievements and the bonus scene didn't show up, where is it suppose to come up? At the end or after the bar scene? Buenas donde puedo volver a jugar al juego, es que en este enlace no me sale el juego por mas que reinicio la pagina no carga por favor ayudadme gracias, por cierto me encanta el juego y no he podido desbloquear todo.

I've tried for Hours, is christine the only girl you bang? Cause I can't figure it out at all. We've struggled with this in the past, and I'm not sure it's going to work, but hope springs eternal. And maybe we'll do some "behind the scenes" things now and again. But these extra perks won't be monthly big boobs girl fuck.

Coming to Grips with Christine (Full Game)

I enjoy that too much to stop. And I'll keep doing weekly progress reports on the state of whichever episode we're working on. Whether or not these changes make this endeavor of Mortze's and mine sustainable remains to be seen. Here's hoping. Skip navigation. Jan 21, at pm. How will you deal with this? I wrote the "virtual date" game "Getting to Know Christine" over seven years ago with a different artist.

This is the sequel to that game, with re-imagined visuals done by Mortze.

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There are two different unrelated storylines. They add backstory. The ones that start with "DwE" can be read any time after playing Dreaming with Elsa. Beginnings can be read after Redemption for Jessika. FM: Alpha can be read after Finding Miranda. The reason Keeley is horrified Spoiler: James is Avaron Well-Known Member.

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Aug 22, 7, 23, Matt New Member. Jul 25, 5 0. Axer Hell Active Member. Apr 26, Can't wait to play this game later. Getting to Know Christine was my introduction to all of this so I think i'm going to enjoy it.

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coming to grips with christine cute sexy and naked Tired of waiting? Click here to disable ads! Your sexual relationship with your girlfriend, Christine, is extremely satisfying, but your emotional relationship with her is How will you deal with this? I wrote the "virtual date" game "Getting to Know Christine" over seven years ago with a different artist.
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coming to grips with christine sayaka kamiki Are you 18 years of age or older? This is at once exciting and terrifying. I've done a serial before, and it's a serious amount of work. But it was also one of the best things I ever wrote. There's nothing like the relentless threat of a deadline breathing down your neck to keep you motivated. Also, my fans loved having input into the story as it progressed.