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Other facts about Era Istrefi. Era Istrefia beautiful Albanian blonde, often called "Eastern European Rihanna", rose to fame inafter she released her single "BonBon"which has reached almost million views on Youtube! After the huge success of "BonBon", she was spotted by the big names from the music industry, which led to her signing with Sony Music and Ultra Music shortly after the song came out!

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The singer published her new song "Redrum" in Februaryfeaturing world-famous musician Felix Snow! In the music video that left many teenagers breathless, Era showed that aside from being very sexy, she can look glamourous as well! Era's mother, Suzana Tahirsylaj is a famous Albanian singer from the 80s, and her older sister Nora Istrefi started her singing career inwhen she was only 18!

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However, singer's role model is Rihanna, even though people are often telling her that she sounds 'just like her'! Istrefi loves to listen to Kanye West's songs, and she admits that they are "empowering" for her. Era says that the moment when the producers, songwriters, and her are all in a room and love a song they complete is one of her favorite parts of haruhi rule 34. Of her recent collaboration with French Montana, Era said that "The vibe [was] just on point!

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We clicked!!! In a world of trends, branding, and pressures of staying in fashion, Era seems unconcerned. She says she's always drawn inspiration for her appearance from music that inspires her like "reggae dancehall, hip hop, techno, alternative, definitely some Prishtine my city swag, and spiritual vibes at times. Specially when I had dreadlocks " She notes, "I think personal style is way more authentic and attractive than fashion. In just one music video Era works several hot looks. I love the visuals for her music video "Redrum" showing yet another representation of the careful juxtaposition of Era's vulnerability and badassery.

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era istrefi sexy auntyremove Stay on this page to discover many other interesting facts about Era Istrefi and her family. Era Istrefi's net worth: 2, USD. Content overview You can find much more stuff about Era Istrefi on this page! How does Era Istrefi make her money and how much she makes? Era Istrefi's net worth over the years What is Era Istrefi's real name? Era Istrefi's height and weight How old is Era Istrefi? Where is she from?
era istrefi sexy bang bross xvideos From the small town of Kosovo, Albania, Era Istrefi always dreamed of sharing her music with the world and just that is happening. Era is the first Albanian artist to reach this level of significance and her passion for making music is telling that there's no stopping her now. While it is a dream come true, Era also told me about the obstacles in place. I'm learning new things every day. I'm becoming more of a pro every day- and that's really exciting! Era draws a lot of her inspiration for songwriting from her own life and experiences.
era istrefi sexy hot asian girls topless Era Istrefi born 4 July is a Kosovar-Albanian singer and songwriter. Istrefi has released a number of singles in both Albanian and English. Following the song's success she signed to American record labels Sony Music and Ultra Music one month later. Following her father's death inher mother left her career in entertainment. Her sister Nora Istrefi is also a singer.
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