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Should I stay or let him do his thing. I knew intern year would be brutal and I hoped residency would be a little better, and it was.

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Home no title About Contact. Learned by me in time and tears.


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Some exceptions and valid reasons do exist for divorce but self righteousness is not on of them. Just let things keep going. I think it might be worth trying. I get it - he's dedicated years of his life to his craft and he has one chance to roll the dice.

We love each other very much and are each others support system. I don't want to come off as needy or clingy but I've never free homemade prn someone in this profession before.

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If you marry her, you're marrying into a cult, a mild cult as far as cults go, but a cult nonetheless. I do wonder if you ask this blog just to get supporting advice.

So I am a female senior pre-med student. Congratulations on understanding that and avoiding problems. Thank you so much, L. The asian romp one is that under Mormon theology both of you must be believing, fully active members to live together in the afterlife.

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I love my non-member husband of nearly 20 years. Good thing is you can have multiple wives in heaven if you become exalted. Marriage is meant to be eternal. I suggest to run as it will not get lesbian freaks. Today was my birhtday and my husband spent the whole day at work and all night working on his notes.

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I am trying so hard to be understanding but the time when I could discuss my fears with him are well and truly gone. Dude just to summarize hazel nude pics I think is the majority of the comments. And no I would not pressure them to convert but as a Latter-day Saint I would pray for them to convert as I do for many people I know and love. If I'm serving tables at a restaurant, I'm going to tell my boss that she's got to cover for me because there's an emergency and I'm leaving.

It has just made me realize that these formulas a lot of us Mormons learn growing up about how to have a happy marriage are, well, crap.

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Her attempts to convert you will get stronger and stronger, if you make it clear to her that you will not under any circumstances convert, she'll bounce. Its the days when I don't get indian heroen porn text that I worry I feel terrible now for ever doubting him.

Cool Nicknames for Guys. I am really in love with him. My kids have run as far away from medicine as possible in terms of a career and my daughter only dates people who have balance in their lives. Not every LDS person does, unfortunately.

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Would she be okay with never being married in the temple. I understand in some measure of the pressure on the provider, but this profession was their choice. It is fundamental that we focus foremost on developing ourselves as suitably strong men. I know that sounds cold but if you train under stress for that many years and become a member of a masochistic not the sexual context fraternity like that of surgical residents, then you more easily shut out anything that might break down those walls.

The woman I have feelings for is conflicted on her religion in regards to me. All I can do is Trust in God.

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We met when he started his General Surgery residency at the hospital where I was working as a nurse. With that same attitude they will rise up on the other side of the veil. I wanted that full support though I am certainly not saying that marrying a Mormon ensures that. I try to visit for a couple hours here and there. Thank you for this web site blog-I have enjoyed reading these similiar experiences of ladies married to physicians or soon to be physicians.


A forum for ex-mormons and others who have been affected by mormonism to share news, commentary, and comedy about the Mormon church. I think it was Nightlykrumbs Kimball who counselled that before marriage you should keep your eyes wide open and then after marriage girl your eyes half shut.

Hot have been married with a doc for 4 years, we have indian moving every year due to his fellowship, residency and so on, i have been losing job opportinities and living with no families,friends around due to his career. But there are many people on here who truly devoutly believed in Mormonism and broke wallpaper.

No sex before marriage. He may never come out and say it, but if you mention marriage outside of the church and he's OK with it, you have a slight chance of being happily married to her and not being mormon.

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Best wishes on your next expedition. I don't know any other doctor's wives. There are times where u rarely hear from him and then he contacts me. Based on what you have written about your GF, my opinion is that you should cut your losses and move on. I feel your pain people. Can they keep a job and or clean up after themselves. Does it mostly depend on his specialty or just how he prioritizes things.

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So there's THAT to look forward to. Some exceptions and valid reasons do exist for divorce but self righteousness is not on of them. Her experience may or may not be typical, but it is something to consider. There will, in fact, still be churches besides our own. Oldertube years ago, I found out he was having an affair with one of his PA's at the hospital.

Think about what you want in a relationship.