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Short Shorts- Jay Naylor - furry porn comics. Liked Like In favorite Add to favorite View like gallery. Related posts. Then they're just hot midget sex.

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Oh Naylor. Never change. So, anyway, yeah. I really really like Naylor's work, but why do we have to upload his stuff the same hour they go out and someone buys them? Shouldn't we at least pay him some respect and let one or two weeks pass, then pirate his works?

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Infinite Succor the western version of the cuckold fetish has some large interracial and fairly racist components. As much as I love this, I really think he could have developed a good story from the second short, what do you think? Succor, why do you have to bring race into this?

No one cares, and no one wants to talk about that.

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This is a hentai site- bihari sex fap to pictures, not contemplate on the racial similarities between people and jay.

Jay Naylor is a cartoonist for the ages, even his non-Hentai works are better naylor most of what you find shorts the funnies of all the major newspapers these days. The last short to come even close to the depth of character and integrity was Bill Watterson of "Calvin and Hobbes" fame, and he was just doing silly shorts for laughs and giggles. Jay Naylor is A god among men in the furry porn industry.

What would be cool to see would be if his comics 'Better days' and 'Original Life' were made into movies.

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God I can just imagine it now!!! Keep up the good work Jay!!! I don't even like drama genre That's not all that it is but I'm not the best at naming genre's but he makes it just awesome. I'm not a fan of furry But for what its worth, Jay Naylor makes that stance a difficult one to maintain.

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The only artist to actually make me even look at it. Score


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