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The requirement was that the person should be someone who is very confident and does not look like the professional model. Sasha Chettri exactly matched their requirement and got the chance to appear in the ad.

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She tasted instant success with this television commercial ad. Movie Box. FeaturedViral News. Sponsored link. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Celebrities Entertainment LifeStyle Sports. Previous 1 of 15 Next. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here.

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sasha chettri hot images female rimming Some unseen hot pics of and Airtel 4g Ads girl Sasha Chettriwho became a celebrity from her first ad. For someone she is hot for some she is cute and for some she is adorable. Overall a successful ad filming girl as of now and can be compared to a celebrities as maximum of us in India know her. Toggle navigation. Most Viewed.
sasha chettri hot images drunk teen nude Posted By: admin. Sasha Chettri is an Indian model, actress and a musician. The ad made her earn fame within a very short span of time. She is one of the most sought after personalities in social networking sites. Observing her immense popularity, the telecom brand has decided to sign Sasha for their upcoming ads.
sasha chettri hot images brooklyn night pornstar Sasha Chettri widely popular as the Airtel 4G girl with her immaculately cute haircut is basically an India model and actress. Though she seems like a next door girl who just got her debut in an advertisement, there are certainly interesting things about Sasha that will amuse us. Sasha Chettri is just 16 when she completed her 12th and moved to Mumbai for her higher studies. The Airtel 4G girl is brilliant for her age and has an above average IQ that is rare to find. After moving to Mumbai, she joined in St. The year-old, Sasha then started working as a Copywriter Intern in an ad agency.
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