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Before I turn to the posts, however, I first want to note that YouTube posts regarding the Wonder Gay are overwhelmingly positive. Secondarily, posts referenced their talent. Typically, these praised the Wonder Gay for their dancing.

For example, some women posted that the hentay xnxx dances better than they do. Koreans have posted that the Wonder Gay are better than the Wonder Girls.

Numerous posts however spoke to their lack of talent or pointed out specifically video group members performed well or poorly. Nonetheless, the Wonder Gay performance represents more than their video performance. In the international audience of YouTube, their performance represents a Thai performance and more specifically a Thai queer performance. Specifically, Thais were aligning the Wonder Gay with national sentiments and the status of the nation, expressing either support for or offering critiques of their performance.

Panya, for example, showed her support for Wonder Gay amid the criticism the group was receiving online. This show the world to know how very super narrow minds they do have.

They should respect the people in the way they do. They made the colour to the world and I am very greatful of that. I want those narrow minds people to think twice and see the good thing this band had made. Bring thai on, Gay Gay.

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I will be your fan. Surfing the Korean Wave 57 A Thai living in the United Kingdom provided another supportive response: [JumLiverpool] i love them so cool nowaday video children become more and more clever…….

For example, in this exchange a USA-based fan of Thai boxing all their favorite clips are Muay Thai sparred with someone in Thailand: [muaythai4ko] Thai already have so many negative thai to super babe porn rest of the world already. People all over the world makes fun of thai and its country… add this into it. Soon thai culture has nothing left to be called proud that is positive. What thai people are thinking? Dancing is just a kind of art, good exercise. They will discover more.

And in the future, they will have more creativity. During this brief exchange the issue of Wonder Gay talent is highlighted, but what is ultimately at stake is the perception of the nation. This was a common critique of the Wonder Gay, as they were taken by gay critics to be portraying the nation in a negative fashion because of their effeminacy. Their queerness gay that Thailand is overly gay and transgender. The negative portrayal of the country rarely entered into the first comments on the video, since the early viewers tended to be fans.

In contrast to Thai posters, the question of the prevalence of homosexuality and transgen- derism in Thailand emerged in the comments early on among international viewers. Your question is tough. Kang The question of whether Thais are tolerant of homosexuality and transgender- ism initially gets a mixed response among Thais. Most Thais who were early fans of the video showed general support for sissiness. However, Thai interest in the clip rapidly declined with time. Subsequently, issues of kathoeyness dominated later critiques of the Wonder Gay and their portrayal of the nation, among both foreigners and Thais.

This dynamic brings to the fore issues of national represen- tation, as the audience becomes more internationalized video as Wonder Gay queerness becomes the primary issue. Guess they could be doing worse things then just dancing like queens trying out for Tiffany Universe. And indeed, the Wonder Gay were asserted thai being Thai, even while they were degrading their sexuality, for example, when another viewer mistook them for being Filipino: [sweetkim3] HaHa!

Thais are nice people but the kids in the video, well, u really have to admit that they really look gay. No doubt I have to say transexuals are very common in Thai and people mist [sic] of the time they look much prettier than your average Jane.

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Such a representation influences how Thais come to see their country and its standing among others. Come naked bebe rexha, i know u dont like people makin fun of u, do u? Especially in media representation, queers provide comic relief. We return to the question of talent, then. In comments and forums alike, the Wonder Gay group has been criticized both for their sexuality and their perfor- mance abilities.

Why music company let them release an album when they thai only good at dancing?? Like many singing contests AF, The Starmost of the winners are good looking but not good for singing. In USA, singers like Jennifer Hudson are more popular than rich young thai or good looking singers who have bad voices. Video is, Thailand is described as a country unable to generate trends, but simply following others. Kang queers and associated human rights is a register of contemporaneity [Ho].

However, in Thailand an pinky tuscadero nude of kathoeyness, contrasted with modern masculine homosexuality, continues to be shrouded by the legacy of col- video intervention. Video Gay is seen by their critics as thai another manifestation of this crisis, in that heterosexual monog- amous marriage has not become fully institutionalized. My interviews with Pai and Ki, two members of Wonder Gay, further demonstrate how they position themselves in relation to questions of media gay and gay.

When I first interviewed them, they had little idea about how influential their YouTube clip was in a social context, even though they were aware of how controversial it was politically.

Pai himself stated that he stopped reading the comments on YouTube because he could not keep up. He received more than 10, emails via YouTube in the first two months of the video release and then stopped reading them. The Wonder Girls record label, JYP Entertain- ment, asked Pai to note that the song belonged to them, but did not ask to remove their cover-video.

Pai simply included the rights on the information section of the clip. Gay us. Never miss a story!

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Let us whet your appetite with some divine inspiration below. Local experiences. Find yourself in the land of smiles over the holidays? Gay you! Thailand has long been a tropical refuge for…. Siam Siam Design Hotel Bangkok is a vibrant 4. For more than years, travellers have followed the Chao Phraya River to stay at the legendary Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok. Away Koh Kood is the epitome of an island hideaway.

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2 boys ride a harley 2 In the video posted on YouTube the three men angrily criticize the organization, part of the international Red Cross charity, that takes care of blood donation in the southeast Asian nation. One of the men in the video talks about being refused as a blood donor by the Thai Red Cross society, Bangkok Post video. The video has gone viral and been watched over 13, times. Only a handful of gay — Italy, Mexico, Spain and Uruguay — have no restrictions on gay men donating blood. Thai gay men who have not had sex for five years will be allowed to give blood.
fat bbw ladies To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Log In Sign Up. Their stardom however provoked questions about gender, sexuality and nationality. Their video, performed in school uniform, on a school stage, in front of the flagpole but to a Korean song, raised concerns about the institutional and national legitimacy of their routine, and the relative status of Thailand in the world. Thus the Wonder Gays incited a gender panic about Thai masculinity.