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Traditionally, that would have closed the book for these two, at least for a little while, as Peyton list hot porn would face another challenger cody Garbrandt would lick his wounds in the contendership queue. A scrapped superfight with flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson and a relatively shallow talent pool, however, resulted in an immediate rematch being booked From an X's and O's perspective, this remains an intriguing fight as Garbrandt's slick boxing and exceptional power is an interesting foil to Dillashaw's elusive style.

Dillashaw took the win fight the second, but he was also saved by the bell in the opening round after being knocked down by a series of punches. His win certainly wasn't a fluke, but there are plenty of reasons to like Garbrandt's chances in the rematch.

Because of that, it's very difficult to pick a winner. Dillashaw currently stands as an incredibly narrow favorite via Oddsshark. He's excellent at range, excellent in the clinch and excellent on the ground. He's amazingly quick and physically powerful, but is still almost peerless in terms of fight IQ and and cage savvy.

He is, quite simply, the best fighter in the game today and a solid case can be made that he is the best ever. That's been the perception for a few years now and, as a result, it's tough to try and sell anyone that happens to work their way into a fight with him. InCejudo earned the opportunity to face Johnson just three years after his professional MMA full. Despite being an Olympic gold medal-winning wrestler, Mighty Mouse proved to be too much, too soon in every other area of the cage, which garbrandt in dillashaw first-round stoppage loss and a trip to the drawing board.

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The extra time to develop was a blessing in disguise, however, as he showed steady improvement in each consecutive outing. That was on full display inas his more-refined striking and clinchwork led him to convincing wins over top opponents in Wilson Reis peter north jake steed Sergio Pettis, setting him up for a rematch with the champ.

Though Johnson is well beyond the point where an opponent can be regarded as a serious threat to his title, Cejudo does stand as a legitimate challenge. Round 1: Herb Dean on hand for the main event. He lost to Dominick Cruz in via split decision,but then he has beat Raphael AssuncaoJohn Lineker and Garbrandt in their first fight. Catch the video highlights below.

Tj dillashaw vs cody garbrandt 2 full fight. UFC Dillashaw vs Garbrandt 2.

Right hand backs Dillashaw up, but Garbrandt ate a counter punch as he threw. For more on Dillashaw vs. Dillashaw vs. Cody Garbrandt full fight video Dillashaw lands more punches as Garbrandt tries to separate. Cody Garbrandt 2 full fight video highlights Watch the video and rate this fight!

Cody Garbrandt full fight video. Counter right and Garbrandt is wobbling.

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He pounces, but Garbrandt has a hold of his arm. Right hand over the top scores for Dillashaw. Watch the video and rate this fight! Garbrandt with a left hook off of a caught kick and he follows up with more punches.

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Now, close to nine months later, Dillashaw will defend his title against Garbrandt in an immediate rematch. Dillashaw opening up with a lot of lateral movement. Inside leg kick for Dillashaw. He drops to the mat and Dillashaw is landing several unanswered blows.


tj dillashaw vs cody garbrandt 2 full fight hd porn ready Dillashaw lands more punches as Garbrandt tries to separate. Garbrandt points to the center of the cage. Counter right and Garbrandt is wobbling. He pounces, but Garbrandt has a hold of his arm. Right hand over the top scores for Dillashaw. Watch the video and rate this fight!
tj dillashaw vs cody garbrandt 2 full fight naked of sunny leone UFChowever, bucks that trend with a strong lineup of bouts including two intriguing title fights. The full card currently stands as follows bout order TBA :. With the event less than a month away, it's worth taking the time to delve into some of the intriguing contests lined up for August 4. Read on and find out! The storyline was strong, with a "friends-turned-enemies" angle stemming from their shared time at Team Alpha Male.
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